No manual?

There is no manual to Gestalt work. Nor are tools dispensed. Then again, neither is there to life. And when trying those readily on offer through many other sources, you may have found that often they don’t quite fit anyway, being “too small/large, short/long, narrow/wide, early/late or not-quite-me” etc. 

Life is often likened to a journey, same can be said to describe Gestalt work. No two lives are alike. And so Gestalt work is tailored, made-to-order, to each client in each session, considering how and where they are on any particular day. 

The turn in the road at which you are now, made up by the steps that went before, and the place from where the next ones are taken, only how and when… – this is where we start. 

Gestalt work is about life and our journeys through it. And whilst no pre-defined roadmaps are given, which wouldn’t reflect reality’s terrain anyway, there are a a few key elements, solid anchor points, to support your moves…