I work with


Most of my clients are private individuals. I work with them finding new, more effective responses to their challenges. When old habits and strategies no longer suffice and life is marked by stress, dissatisfaction, pain, disconnection.
When life events overwhelm - in love, work, illness, loss or death.
And when their wish is to grow, plain and simple.


At first, the idea of group work may seem daunting - sharing your story with strangers.
And it can be highly rewarding with the right timing and settings - "a load shared is a load halved".
I run small groups at regular intervals and on demand, with a dedicated theme or an open structure, on my own and with professional partners. Relationship, grief and bereavement groups have a special place in our hearts.


I work in organisations, as do my partners in the Now-for-Next team - in permanent roles and as external consultants, interim or project-based.
We work with people within organisations - individual employees, leaders and teams. Their approaches, relationships and impact - upon themselves, each other and the organisation at large.